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USS Winnipec
Career (USA) Naval jack of the United States (1865–1867) US flag 34 stars.svg
Name: USS Winnipec
Builder: Harrison Loring, Boston, Massachusetts
Laid down: 20 August 1864
Launched: date unknown
Completed: 1864 at Boston
In service: 1865
Out of service: 1867
Struck: not known
Fate: sold to Mr. Thomas Clyde on 17 June 1869
General characteristics
Type: gunboat
Displacement: 1,030 tons
Length: 225' 0"
Beam: 35' 0"
Draft: 5' 8" (aft)
Depth of hold: 12' 0"
Propulsion: steam engine, side-wheel propelled
Speed: not known
Complement: not known
Armament: not known
Armor: iron-hulled,

USS Winnipec was a Mohongo-class gunboat built for the Union Navy during the final days of the American Civil War. There is no indication she was used in the war, but records indicate she was assigned to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, for use as a schoolship. She was eventually sold in 1868.

Built in MassachusettsEdit

Winnipec—a double-ended, iron-hulled, sidewheel gunboat—was built in 1864 at Boston, Massachusetts, by Harrison Loring. The ship was launched on 20 August 1864, but there is no record of her having been commissioned during the American Civil War or any portion of the year 1865.

Training ship for the AcademyEdit

Deck logs exist for Winnipec during the period 1 January to 6 October 1866, at which time she was assigned to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, as a practice ship. Winnipec remained so assigned until late in 1867 when she moved to Norfolk, Virginia, for repairs.


In 1868, Winnipec was placed in ordinary at Norfolk and remained in that status until she was sold to Mr. Thomas Clyde on 17 June 1869.

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