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Ugra-class submarine tender
Ugra class ship in the 1960s
Class overview
Builders: Nikolayev shipyard
Operators: Soviet Navy, Russian Navy, Indian Navy
Preceded by: Don class submarine tender
General characteristics
Type: submarine tender
Displacement: 6780 / 7980 tons[1]
Length: 144.8 m
Beam: 18.1 m
Draught: 6.5 m
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel-electric, 6,000 hp[1]
Speed: 17 knots
Range: 11,500 Nm at 9 knots[1]
Complement: 220 - 300
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar MR-302 Rubka
Armament: 8- 57mm guns (4x2)
16 Strela 2 SAM
INS Ambla had 4 x 76mm guns in two twin turrets
Aviation facilities: helicopter pad

The Ugra class was the NATO reporting name for a group of submarine tenders built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1960s. One extra ship the INS Amba was built for the Indian Navy to a modified design. The Soviet designation was Project 1886 The ships were intended to provide afloat support, including supplies, water, torpedoes, fuel, and battery charging; minimal repair facilities. Often employed as flagships/command ships for submarine squadrons


Seven ships were built for the Soviet Navy in Nikolayev[1]

  • Ivan Kolyshkin (launched 30 March 1972, commissioned 27 December 1972)
  • Ivan Kucherenko (launched 28 November 1965, commissioned 14 January 1967)
  • Ivan Vakhrameev (launched 5 November 1968, commissioned 30 August 1969)
  • Volga (launched 30 December 1966, commissioned 30 May 1968)
  • Tobol (launched 31 September 1963, commissioned 25 September 1965)
  • Vladimir Yegorov(launched 29 September 1962, commissioned 27 December 1963)
  • Lena (launched 28 April 1963, commissioned 29 December 1964)

the last two Russian Navy ships Vladimir Yegorov and Volga were scrapped in the late 1990s.

The last active ship the INS Amba was decommissioned in 2006.

Borodino class training ships[]

Two ships were completed to a modified (Project 1886U, Russian: 1886У) design as training ships. They were named Borodino (launched 30 January 1970, commissioned 16 January 1971) and Gangut (launched 30 December 1970, commissioned 10 October 1971)[1] and they were also scrapped in the late 1990s.


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