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Ukrainian Sea Guard (Ukrainian language:Морська охорона, Mors’ka Okhorona

full name Морська охорона Державної прикордонної служби України, Sea Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine) is the coast guard service of Ukraine, subordinated to its Border Guard Service.[1]
Sea Guard Ensign of Ukraine (dress)

Ukrainian Sea Guard

Sea Guard vessels bear the Морська охорона inscription on their boards.

Ukrainian Sea Guard is the local successor of the Soviet Border Troops Naval Units that have been similarly responsible for coast guard tasks. However, there were some interchanges in units, ships and personnel between Sea Guard and the Ukrainian Navy.

Service persons of the Sea Guard wear either the black uniform similar to Ukrainian Navy, but decorated with some green elements (traditional for border guard), or a common uniform of the Border Guard.


BG57 Patrol boat 2012 G1

Ukrainian Sea Guard Stenka class patrol boats BG57 in Sevastopol bay.

Stenka class BG-61 to 63 in Odessa

Ukrainian Sea Guard Stenka class patrol boats (BG-61 to 63) moored in Odessa.

The Sea Guard operates four sea guard detachments: in Balaklava, Odessa, Izmail, and Kerch; a sea guard cutters division in Mariupol; a special-purpose sea guard cutters division in Yalta; and riverine Dnieper sea guard cutters division in Kiev. Sea guard administration is split between the Azov-Black seas regional administration in Simferopol and the Southern regional administration in Odessa.

Squads of Marine SecurityEdit

  • Kerch Squad of Marine Security (from Cape of Mehanom across the strait of Kerch and Sea of Azov to administrative border between Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions)
  • Yalta Squad of Marine Security (special assignment)
  • Sevastopol Squad of Marine Security
  • Odessa Squad of Marine Security (Southern regional administration)

Sea Guard shipsEdit

Днепр, теперь пограничный

Ukrainian Sea Guard riverboat on the Dnieper River patrolling the border with Belarus.

  • BG-01 Krym
  • BG-03 Kryvyi Rih
  • BG-30 Heroyi Kerchi
  • BG-31 Bukovyna
  • BG-33 Donbas
  • BG-50 Hryhoriy Kuropiatnykov[2]
  • BG-51 Poltava
  • BG-52 Hryhoriy Hnatenko
  • BG-57 Mykolaiv
  • BG-61 Odessa
  • BG-62 Podillia
  • BG-63 Pavlo Derzhavin
  • BG-110 Lyubomyr
  • BG-115 ???
  • BG-116 Darnytsia
  • BG-118 Arabat


From 2012 to 2020 is planned build 39 small guard ships of different classes including 6 Korall-class, 8 Orlan-class. From 2015 is planned to build multipurpose guard ship with displacement around 1000 tons which can carry one helicopter [3]


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