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Union Street drill hall
Keith, Scotland
Drill Hall, Keith, Moray - - 3944795.jpg
Union Street drill hall, Keith
Type Drill hall
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1908
In use 1908-Present

The Union Street drill hall is a military installation in Keith, Scotland.


The building was designed as the headquarters of the 6th (Banff and Donside) Battalion, the Gordon Highlanders and was completed in around 1908.[1] The battalion was mobilised at the drill hall in August 1914 before being deployed to the Western Front.[2] After the Second World War the battalion amalgamated with the 5th Battalion to form the 5th/6th (Banff, Buchan and Donside) Battalion but with its headquarters located at Bucksburn and without a company based at Keith.[3]

In 1967 C Company, 3rd (Territorial) Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders was formed at the Union Street drill hall in Keith.[4][5] The presence at the Union Street drill hall was reduced to a detachment of Headquarters (Queen's Own Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders) Company, 2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers in 1971.[4][5] This detachment became part of B (Highlanders) Company, 51st Highland Regiment in 1999[6] and was re-designated a detachment of B (Highlanders) Company, 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006.[7] The building still remains an active Army Reserve Centre.[8]


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