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Unit 124
Country Flag of North Korea.svg Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Branch North Korean Special Operation Force
Service history
Role Assassinate Park Chung-hee

Unit 124 was a North Korean Special Operation Forces unit, part of the Reconnaissance Bureau of the Korean People's Army (KPA), under the operational control of the Liaison Department of the Worker's Party of Korea.[1]

Thirty-one men from the unit were handpicked to raid the Blue House and assassinate South Korean president Park Chung-hee.[2]

Following the failure of the Blue House Raid, in which 29 members of the unit were killed, one escaped back to North Korea and one, Kim Shin-Jo, was captured. The unit was believed to have been disbanded after that.[3]

Unit 124 is believed to have been the predecessor of the KPA's Special Battalions, part of the Reconnaissance Agency, formed to conduct intelligence gathering, espionage, terrorism and abduction operations in South Korea.

The one member of the unit believed to have escaped back to North Korea was later identified in a photo as Park Jae-gyong, a four-star General in the KPA. At the time of the identification by Kim Shin-Jo, Park was believed to be an aide to Kim Jong-il and vice minister of People's Armed Forces.[2]

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