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United Arab Emirates Army
Founded 1971
Country United Arab Emirates
Garrison/HQ Abu Dhabi

UAE soldiers.

As part of the military of the United Arab Emirates the United Arab Emirates Ground Force is responsible for land operations.

UDF Deployments[]

The Union Defense Force were used on two occasions in Sharjah Emirate.

Sharjah Coup attempt[]

In January 1972 during an attempted coup d'état in which 18 armed supporters of the former ruler of Sharjah, who actually included the former ruler, Sheikh Saqr bin Sultan (who ruled from 1951 until deposed by British in 1965), attacked and seized the palace. Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammad el Qassim, ruler since 1965, was killed along with one of his bodyguards in the process. The palace was then surrounded by Sharjah soldiers and troops of the Union Defence Force. Several UDF troops were wounded, including a British Captain, before the rebels surrendered next morning.

Sharjah-Fujairah Border war[]

In February 1972 following a brief Border War between armed Bedu tribesmen from both Sharjah Emirate, and Fujairah Emirate, over a disputed area of land which covered a quarter of an acre and included water wells and date palm trees. 22 people were killed and another 12 were wounded before UDF troops were able to impose a ceasefire.

First Persian Gulf War[]

During the Persian Gulf War, UAE troops, reportedly numbering several thousands, participated in the conflict as part of the GCC Peninsula Shield force that advanced into the city of Kuwait. United States aircraft bombed Iraqi positions from the UAE, and United States ships operated out of UAE ports. The UAE Air Force also carried out strikes against Iraqi forces. A total of six UAE combat deaths were reported as a result of the fighting.

Army Equipment[]

Leclerc used by the Army Forces of United Arab Emirates.


Light Tank

Tracked APCs

  • 135 to be upgraded to BMP-3M[1]

Wheeled APCs


Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Finnish manufacturer Patria has announced the sale of their AMV 8x8 vehicle to the United Arab Emirates. The size of the order and delivery schedule have not been made public but some sources say 600 (400 with BMP-3 turrets)

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