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The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) is a peacekeeping mission in Haiti mandated by the United Nations Security Council through Resolution 2350 (2017).

In April 2017, the Security Council unanimously agreed that the then 2,370 soldiers serving in United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) had to be gradually withdrawn until 15 October 2017 to make way for the new MINUJUSTH as the successor operation.[1] [2] [3]

MINUJUSTH will have up to 1,275 police force as well as correction officers and international civilians, but no military personnel.[1][4]

Two Indian units that served in MINUSTAH will remain in Haiti to serve in MINUJUSTH, while the other unit will return to India. India had a total of 452 personnel serving in MINUSTAH as of February 2017.[5][6]

The mission is currently mandated until 15 April 2018.[4]

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