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United Nations Partisan Infantry Korea
Active Feb 1951-Feb 1954[1]
Country United States
 Republic of Korea
Allegiance  United Nations
Type Special operations, Guerrilla
Part of 8th US Army
Nickname(s) The White Tigers

United Nations Partisan Infantry Korea (UNPIK), also known as the White Tigers, was a unit during the Korean War that was consolidated under the control of Eighth United States Army, Korea's 8th Army G-3 Miscellaneous Group, 8086th and 8240th Army Unit. The details of the undercover operation were made public by the US Army in 1990. The unit worked deep inside North Korea to gather intelligence, conduct raids and sabotage, rescue POWs, recruit & lead guerrilla armies and create confusion in the enemy’s rear.

Operations[edit | edit source]

The island Wollaedo in the Yellow Sea was used as a base by pro-Southern partisans during the war. This position was regularly bombarded by Northern artillery on the mainland of Cape Changsan. In 1952, a group of partisans working together with UNPIK landed on the cape. They successfully took control of and destroyed the artillery site, escaping with small losses.[2][3]

UNPIK was disbanded in 1954.

Legacy and commemoration[edit | edit source]

A documentary about the unit has been produced by the History Channel as part of their Heroes under fire series.[4]

The unit is widely seen as the second steppingstone towards the setting up of a permanent special forces doctrine in the US Army.

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