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UN Security Council
Resolution 117
Date September 6 1956
Meeting no. 733
Code S/3643 (Document)
Subject International Court of Justice
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
  • Flag of the Republic of China.svg China (ROC)
  • Flag of France.svg France
  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
  • US flag 48 stars.svg United States
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (dark version).svg Soviet Union
Non-permanent members
  • Flag of Australia.svg Australia
  • Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
  • Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba
  • State flag of Iran (1933–1964).svg Iran
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru
  • Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia

United Nations Security Council Resolution 117, adopted on September 6, 1956, after the death of Judge Hsu Mo of the International Court of Justice the Council decided that the election to fill the vacancy for the rest of Judge Mo's term would take place during the eleventh session of the General Assembly.

The resolution was adopted without vote.

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