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KISS (K-I-S-S) principle is an acronym for "keep it short and simple” or “keep it short and sweet” ("Keep it simple, stupid")

Compare and Contrast

Crown and Country (King and Country or Queen and Country also Queen and Country (artwork))

Yes, Sir. Yes!

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine.”

United Ireland vs Unified Ireland.

One Mans Activist is another's Anarchist!

Militia or Guerrilla, (also spelled Guerilla).

Australian Defence Service Newspapers

mission (pre mission and post mission)

User:Mr Taz/sandbox

Foyle's War

List of lists of lists... problem![]

List of lists of lists... problem! as seen on the pages: List of lists of lists on Wikipedia, pages stuck under L or List even Lists, instead of there respective page names using the plural version of the page name i.e.: Wikis/Fandoms for a list of Wiki/Fandom that are in current use.

The World Wars