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If Total War Had Everyone


  • Sun Tzu
    • Art of War: Increased effectiveness of unconventional warfare tactics.
    • Underdog Wu: Decreased initial army size.


Greek & Macedonian

  • Leonidas
    • 300 Spartans: Increased stats when outnumbered. Increased defensive stats.
    • Betrayal of Ephialtes: Increased vulnerability to bribes, espionage and scouts.
  • Alexander the Great
    • No Scars On My Back: Increased damaged during a charge.
    • Hyphasis River Mutiny: Decreased morale due to war weariness.
  • Pyrrhus of Epirus
    • Pyrrhic Victory: Increases stats during a battle when casualties increase.


  • Scipio Africanus
    • ---???---: Increased damage and resistance against elephants.
    • Ungrateful Fatherland: Decreased political popularity.

European Barbarians

  • Attila the Hun
    • ---???---: Increased speed for horsemen.
    • ---???---: Decreased stats for city and political management. Increased chance of civil war after a king's death.


  • Hannibal Barca
    • Across The Alps: Able to travel across hills faster. Able to cross over mountains, at the cost of attrition.
    • Fabian Tactics: Unable to replenish troops (excluding mercenaries) if within neutral or enemy territory.



  • William the Conqueror
    • ---???---: Increased construction speed of castles and fortifications.
    • The Harrying: Increased chance of rebels in newly conquered territories.
  • William Wallace
    • They May Take Our Lives!: Increased offensive stats. Decreased defensive stats.
  • Edward ---???---
    • English Longbow: Increased stats for foot archers.
    • ---???---: Increased vulnerability to disease and heatstroke.
  • Joan of Arc
    • The Maiden's Banner: Increased political and military morale.
    • Prideful Fall: Increased chance of getting captured during battle.
  • Vlad Tepes
    • The Impaler: Decreased enemy morale.
    • ---???---: Increased chance of being usurped.


  • Genghis Khan
    • Conqueror From The Steppe: Offensive and defensive stats increased for all horse units.
    • Islamic Dark Age: Can only raid or massacre cities.

Early Modern

  • Hernan Cortes
    • Gold, Mountains Of It!: Double the gold gained from defeating a city.
    • Scuttled And Marooned: Armies have a chance of ignoring orders and attacking enemy cities automatically.
  • Ivan the Terrible
    • Oprichnik: Increased repression in old territories. Unhappy population is gradually killed overtime.
    • The Mad Tsar: Policies can change randomly and cannot be unchanged for 2 turns.
  • Oliver Cromwell
    • We will cut off his head with the crown upon it!: Increased repression after defeating a revolt or civil war.
    • Penal Laws: Increased poverty in regions that recently revolted.
  • Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden
    • Countermarch: Allows rows within projectile units to rotate, increasing rate of fire for musketeer units.
    • Lützendimma: Increased chance of fighting in fog. Increased vulnerability to projectiles while in fog.
  • Fredrick the Great
    • Prussian Miracles: Increase stats when defending against a nation that declared war on you. The more nations you are at war with, the higher this bonus is.
    • Enemies On All Sides: Increased hostility from neighboring nations.
  • George Washington
    • Crossing the Delaware: Increased speed when crossing rivers and moving through snow and ice.
    • Valley Forge: Decreased defensive stats during the winter.

19th Century

Napoleonic Wars

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Emperor Of Europe: Increased chance that a battle will be an automatic victory.
    • Unyielding Resistance: Increased vulnerability to guerilla tactics and attrition.
  • Toussaint Louverture
    • The Black Napoleon: Increased offensive stats for all peasant and militia units.
    • Multi-Faction Revolt: Alliances can randomly be ended. Unhappy towns have a higher chance spawning a rebel army.
  • King Kamehameha
    • Blessing of Kīlauea: Suffer no damage from natural disasters (excluding disease and famine). All enemies suffer twice damage from natural disasters. Frequency of natural disasters doubled.
    • Unwanted Visitors???: Increases chance of a plague for each trade deal.

US Civil War

  • Ulysses S. Grant
    • The Butcher: Increased Army Stats if facing a smaller enemy, but also increased casualties.
  • William T. Sherman
    • March To The Sea: Increased effectiveness of scored earth.
    • Gone With The Wind: Decreased stats when repairing damaged cities.
  • Robert E. Lee
    • Perfect Battle: Increased stats if outnumbered.
    • Picket's Charge: Increased vulnerability to projectiles.
  • Thomas J. Jackson
    • Stonewall Jackson: Increased stats while defending.
    • It's a damned Yankee trick!: Increased chance of units attacking without orders. Increased vulnerability to friendly fire.


  • Crazy Horse
    • Horn Chips Prophecy: Increased resistance against projectiles, but decreased resistance against against all other weapons.
  • Pancho Villa
    • Via Villa!: Increased speed and morale for all peasant and militia units.
    • Villa Expedition: Armies have a random chance of automatically attacking nearby towns, including towns that are currently not at war with you.
  • Shaka Zulu
    • RUN 50 Miles: All units have increased speed.
    • Mfecane: Increase chances of civil war and anarchy as empire expands.
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