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The following is a list of known veterans of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939) who died in 2013.

Veterans listed by date of death–8 veterans[edit | edit source]

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Nationality Born Died Notes
Alvarez, Antonio Second Spanish Republic Spain 5 December 1919 1 January 2013 (93) Also served in the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II. Lived in New Jersey.[1]
Armada Comyn, Alfonso Spanish Nationalist Army Spain 20 February 1920 30 November 2013 (93) Enlisted aged 16. Later fought as a member of the Division Azul on the Eastern Front.[2][3]
Moldes, Belarmino Spanish Nationalist Army Spain 29 August 1917 20 March 2013 (95) Joined the Nationalist Army on 18 July 1936, served in the Engineer Corps with mine detecting,cooking,etc. with the rank of "Soldado de Primera" or Private First Class. In A Coruña for army training, fought in the Siege of Oviedo, the Battle of Teruel, and Castellon de la Plana. He joined the Blue Division but never made it through training and was never sent to Germany as his son was born, after the war he and his family moved to Havana,Cuba and left after Castro took power in 1959, In the 1980s he contracted Guillem-Barem, he lived the remainder of his life in the suburbs of Madrid, and unfortunately passed away on 20 March 2013 of a stroke.[citation needed]
Morayta, Miguel Second Spanish Republic Spain 15 August 1907 19 June 2013 (105) Was the youngest artillery officer in the Spanish military when the conflict started. Post war, left Spain for France and Africa, finally arriving in Mexico in 1941 where he started career as film director.[4]
Päiviö, Jules Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Canada 29 April 1916 4 September 2013 (97) Captured by Italian troops from March 1938 to spring 1939 being imprisoned in Burgos. Enlisted in World War II, but was prohibited from fighting on front due to Spanish veterans being treated as Communists. Professor and architect. Later lived in Sudbury, Canada.[5][6][7][8]
Riquer i Morera, Martí de Nationalist Army Spain 3 May 1914 17 September 2013 (99) Spanish nobleman. Later became a noted Catalan linguist.[9]
Sampedro, José Luis Republican Forces Spain 1 February 1917 8 April 2013 (96) Writer and economist[10]
Sossenko, George Sébastien Faure Century Russia c. December 20, 1918 March 14, 2013 (94) Also fought in World War II with the Free French. Later moved to the United States.[11]

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