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The following is a list of known veterans of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939) who died in 2014.

Veterans listed by date of death[edit | edit source]

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Nationality Born Died Notes
Ginestà, Marina International Brigade France 29 January 1919 6 January 2014 (94) Wounded at the end of the war, later lived in the Dominican Republic.[1]
Hovan, John Abraham Lincoln Brigade United States 19 May 1916 25 March 2014 (97) Served as a Transport driver. Granted Spanish honorary citizenship on 9 July 2009.[2][3]
Hoffman, Gerhard International Brigade Austria 1921 9 July 2014 Joined in 1934, took part in the Battle of Barcelona[4]
Landauer, Hans International Brigade Austria 19 April 1921 19 July 2014 (93) Joined on 12 February 1937. Wounded on 4 September 1937, in Fuendetodos. Arrested in November 1940 and sent to Dachau concentration camp. Lived in Oberwaltersdorf.[5]
Sierra, Luis de la Nationalist Navy Spain 1920 11 October 2014 Volunteered in 1937. Served on board the cruiser Almirante Cervera. After the war, he became a Spanish Navy officer. He was a notable naval historian, author of at least seven books about naval warfare.[6]
Scholz, Günther Condor Legion Germany 8 December 1911 24 October 2014 (102) Joined Navy in 1934. Commander of the 54th JG during World War II. Recipient of the German Cross in Gold. Writer.[7]

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