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Vice admiral
Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral.svg
Flag of Vice Admiral, Pakistan Navy
14-Pakistan Navy-VADM.svg British Royal Navy (sleeves) OF-8.svg
The shoulder stars, shoulder boards, and sleeve stripes of a Pakistani Navy vice admiral of the "line".
Country  Pakistan
Service branch
Abbreviation VADM, VADMPN
Rank Four-star
NATO rank OF-8
Non-NATO rank O-8
Next higher rank Admiral
Next lower rank Rear admiral
Equivalent ranks Lieutenant general (Pakistan Army)
Air marshal (Pakistan Air Force)

Vice admiral /vs//ædmərəl/ (abbreviated as VADM or VADMPN) is a three-star commissioned armed flag officer rank in the Pakistan Navy, coast guards, and marines[1][2] awarded by the Government of Pakistan to rear admirals as a position advancement in uniformed service.[3] It is the second-highest rank in Pakistan armed services with a NATO code of OF-8, and while it is worn on epaulettes with a three-star insignia, it ranks above two-star Rear admiral and below four-star admiral.[4] Vice admiral is equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant general of Pakistan Army and Air marshal of the air force.[5]

A Pakistani vice admiral may be abbreviated as VADMPN to distinguish it from the same ranks offered in other countries, although there is no official abbreviation available for a Pakistani vice admiral. Vice admiral may be also called as three-star admiral to distinguish it from other insignias such as two-star Rear admiral and four-star admiral.[6]

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Insignia of a three-star general, Air marshal

OF-8 PakistanArmy.svg

Insignia of three-star Lieutenant general Pakistan


Either discontinued or never-used shoulder and sleeve insignia of a Pakistani Air marshal

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