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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Vicksburg of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1]

Abbreviations used[edit | edit source]

Military rank[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Tennessee[edit | edit source]

MG Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding

General Staff:

General Headquarters: Escort

  • 4th Illinois Cavalry, Company A: Cpt Embury D. Osband
  • Engineers: 1st Battalion Engineer Regiment of the West: Maj William Tweeddale

IX Corps[edit | edit source]

MG John Parke[2]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Thomas Welsh

1st Brigade

   Col Henry Bowman

3rd Brigade

   Col Daniel Leasure

  • Battery D, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt George W. Durell[3]

Second Division

     BG Robert B. Potter

1st Brigade

   Col Simon Goodell Griffin

2nd Brigade

   BG Edward Ferrero

3rd Brigade

   Col Benjamin C. Christ

  • 29th Massachusetts: Ltc Joseph H. Barnes
  • 46th New York: Col Joseph Gerhardt
  • 50th Pennsylvania: Ltc Thomas S. Brenholtz
  • Battery L, 2nd New York Light: Cpt Jacob Roemer
Artillery Reserve

XIII Corps[edit | edit source]

MG John A. McClernand[4]
MG Edward Ord



Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Ninth Division

     BG Peter J. Osterhaus

1st Brigade

   BG Albert L. Lee (w May 19)
   Col James Keigwin[5]

2nd Brigade

   Col Daniel W. Lindsey


   Cpt Jacob T. Foster

Tenth Division

   BG Andrew J. Smith

  • 4th Indiana Cavalry, Company C: Cpt Andrew P. Gallagher
1st Brigade

   BG Stephen G. Burbridge

2nd Brigade

   Col William J. Landram


Twelfth Division

     BG Alvin P. Hovey

  • 1st Indiana Cavalry, Company C: Lt James L. Carey
1st Brigade

   BG George F. McGinnis

2nd Brigade

   Col James R. Slack


Fourteenth Division

     BG Eugene A. Carr

1st Brigade

   BG William P. Benton
   Col Henry D. Washburn[6]
   Col David Shunk[7]

  • 33rd Illinois: Col Charles E. Lippincott
  • 99th Illinois: Col George W. K. Bailey, Ltc Lemuel Parke
  • 8th Indiana: Col David Shunk, Maj Thomas J. Brady
  • 18th Indiana: Col Henry D. Washburn, Cpt Jonathan H. Williams
  • 1st United States (siege guns): Maj Maurice Maloney
2nd Brigade

   BG Michael K. Lawler


XV Corps[edit | edit source]

MG William T. Sherman

  • Chief-of-Staff: Ltc John Henry Hammond
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     MG Frederick Steele

1st Brigade

   Col Francis H. Manter
   Col Bernard G. Farrar[8]

  • 13th Illinois: Col Adam B. Gorgas
  • 27th Missouri: Col Thomas Curly
  • 29th Missouri: Col James Peckham
  • 30th Missouri: Ltc Otto Schadt
  • 31st Missouri: Col Thomas C. Fletcher, Maj Frederick Jaensch, Ltc Samuel P. Simpson
  • 32nd Missouri: Maj Abraham J. Seay
2nd Brigade

   Col Charles R. Woods

  • 25th Iowa: Col George A. Stone
  • 31st Iowa: Col William Smyth, Maj Theodore Stimming
  • 3rd Missouri: Ltc Theodore Meumann
  • 12th Missouri: Col Hugo Wangelin
  • 17th Missouri: Col Francis Hassendeubel, Ltc John F. Cramer
  • 76th Ohio: Ltc William B. Woods
3rd Brigade

   BG John M. Thayer

  • 1st Battery, Iowa Light: Cpt Henry H. Griffiths
  • Battery F, 2nd Missouri Light: Cpt Clemens Landgraeber
  • 4th Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt Louis Hoffmann

Second Division

     MG Francis Preston Blair, Jr.

1st Brigade

   Col Giles A. Smith

  • 113th Illinois: Col George B. Hoge, Ltc John W. Paddock
  • 116th Illinois: Col Nathan W. Tupper
  • 6th Missouri: Ltc Ira Boutell, Col James H. Blood
  • 8th Missouri: Ltc David C. Coleman
  • 13th United States, 1st Battalion: Cpt Edward C. Washington, Cpt Charles Ewing, Cpt Charles C. Smith
2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas Kilby Smith
   BG Joseph A. J. Lightburn[10]

3rd Brigade

   BG Hugh Boyle Ewing

  • Battery A, 1st Illinois Light: Cpt Peter P. Wood
  • Battery B, 1st Illinois Light: Cpt Samuel E. Barrett, Lt Israel P. Rumsey
  • Battery H, 1st Illinois Light: Cpt Levi W. Hart
  • 8th Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt James F. Putnam
  • Thielemann's (Illinois) Battalion, Companies A and B: Cpt Milo Thielemann
  • 10th Missouri, Company C: Cpt Daniel W. Ballou, Lt Benjamin Joel

Third Division

     BG James M. Tuttle

1st Brigade

   BG Ralph P. Buckland
   Col William L. McMillen[11]

  • 114th Illinois: Col James W. Judy
  • 93rd Indiana: Col De Witt C. Thomas
  • 72nd Ohio: Ltc Le Roy Crockett, Maj Charles G. Eaton
  • 95th Ohio: Col William L. McMillen, Ltc Jefferson Brumback
2nd Brigade

   BG Joseph A. Mower

3rd Brigade

   BG Charles L. Matthies
   Col Joseph J. Woods[12]


   Cpt Nelson T. Spoor

  • Battery E, 1st Illinois Light: Cpt Allen C. Waterhouse
  • 2nd Battery, Iowa Light: Lt Joseph R. Reed
Unattached cavalry

XVI Corps (detachment)[edit | edit source]

MG Cadwallader C. Washburn

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division[13]

     BG William Sooy Smith

1st Brigade

   Col John M. Loomis
   Col Sanford J. Stoughton

2nd Brigade

   Col Stephen G. Hicks

3rd Brigade

   Col Joseph R. Cockerill

4th Brigade

   Col William W. Sanford


   Cpt William Cogswell

Fourth Division[14]

     BG Jacob G. Lauman

1st Brigade

   Col Isaac C. Pugh

2nd Brigade

   Col Cyrus Hall

3rd Brigade

   Col George E. Bryant
   Col Amory K. Johnson[16]


   Cpt George C. Gumbart

Provisional Division[17]

     BG Nathan Kimball

Engelmann's Brigade

   Col Adolph Engelmann

Richmond's Brigade

   Col Jonathan Richmond

Montgomery's Brigade

   Col Milton Montgomery

XVII Corps[edit | edit source]

MG James B. McPherson


  • 4th Company Ohio Cavalry: Cpt John S. Foster
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Third Division

     MG John A. Logan

1st Brigade

   BG John E. Smith
   BG Mortimer D. Leggett

2nd Brigade

   BG Mortimer D. Leggett
   Col Manning F. Force[18]

3rd Brigade

   BG John Dunlap Stevenson


   Maj Charles J. Stolbrand

  • Battery D, 1st Illinois Light: Cpt Henry A. Rogers, Lt George J. Wood, Cpt Frederick Sparrestrom
  • Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light:[19] Cpt Frederick Sparrestrom, Lt John W. Lowell
  • Battery L, 2nd Illinois Light: Cpt William H. Bolton
  • 8th Battery, Michigan Light: Cpt Samuel De Golyer, Lt Theodore W. Lockwood
  • 3rd Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt William S. Williams

Sixth Division

     BG John McArthur

1st Brigade
(Post of Lake Providence)

   BG Hugh T. Reid

2nd Brigade

   BG Thomas E.G. Ransom

3rd Brigade

   Col William Hall
   Col Alexander Chambers[20]


   Maj Thomas D. Maurice

Seventh Division

     BG Isaac Quinby
     BG John E. Smith[21]

1st Brigade

   Col John B. Sanborn

2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel A. Holmes
   Col Green B. Raum[22]

3rd Brigade

   Col George B. Boomer (k) [May 22]
   Col Holden Putnam[23]
   BG Charles L. Matthies[24]

  • 93rd Illinois: Col Holden Putnam, Ltc Nicholas C. Buswell, Col Holden Putnam
  • 5th Iowa: Ltc Ezekiel S. Sampson, Col Jabez Banbury
  • 10th Iowa: Col William E. Small
  • 26th Missouri: Maj Charles F. Brown (k) [May 16]; Cpt Benjamin D. Dean

   Cpt Frank C. Sands
   Cpt Henry Dillon[25]

Herron's Division[27]

     MG Francis J. Herron

1st Brigade

   BG William Vandever

2nd Brigade

   BG William W. Orme

Unattached cavalry

   Col Cyrus Bussey

District of Northeast Louisiana[edit | edit source]

BG Elias S. Dennis

Brigades Regiments and batteries
Detached Brigade

   Col George W. Neeley

  • 63rd Illinois: Col Joseph B. McCown
  • 108th Illinois: Ltc Charles Turner
  • 120th Illinois: Col George W. McKeaig
  • 131st Illinois: Col George W. Neeley, Maj Joseph L. Purvis
  • 10th Illinois Cavalry, Companies A, D, G, and K: Maj Elvis P. Shaw
African Brigade

   Col Isaac F. Shepard

Post of Goodrich's Landing, La.

   Col William F. Wood

  • 1st Arkansas: Ltc James W. Campbell
  • 10th Louisiana: Ltc Frederick M. Crandall

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Official Records, Series I, Volume XXIV, Part 2, pages 148-158
  2. IX Corps: joined from the Department of the Ohio, June 14 to 17.
  3. Transferred from Second Division June 25.
  4. Relieved June 19.
  5. Assumed command May 19.
  6. Assumed command May 31.
  7. Assumed command June 27.
  8. Assumed command June 13.
  9. Major Ezra Taylor, chief of the corps artillery.
  10. Assumed command May 24.
  11. Assumed command June 22.
  12. Assumed command June 1.
  13. Joined from La Grange, Tenn., June 12.
  14. Joined from Memphis, Tenn., May 13 to 20. Temporarily attached to the Thirteenth Corps.
  15. Transferred to Third Brigade June 22.
  16. Assumed command June 9.
  17. Composed of the First and Second Brigades of the Third Division and four regiments from the Sixth Division. Joined from Memphis, Tenn., June 3.
  18. Assumed command June 3.
  19. By the collision of two steamers May 1, 1863, near Grand Gulf, MISS., this battery lost all its guns, and was sent to Memphis to refit. It rejoined the army at Vicksburg June 30. Meantime Captain Sparrestrom had been assigned, June 16, to the command of Battery D, first Illinois Light Artillery.
  20. Assumed command June 6.
  21. Assumed command June 3.
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  26. Temporarily attached to Kimball's Division, XVI Corps, June 6.
  27. Joined from the Department of the Missouri June 11.

References[edit | edit source]

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