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Vietnam Naval Academy
Vietnam Naval Academy logo.png
Established 1955
Type Military academy
President Dr. Nguyen Van Lam
Location Nha Trang, Vietnam, Vietnam

Vietnam Naval Academy (Vietnamese language: Học viện Hải Quân Việt Nam ) is one of Vietnamese military academies belongs to Vietnam People's Navy for training naval commanding officers in division level and commanding staffs in tactical/campaign level, include undergraduates and postgraduates of military.

The forerunner of Vietnam Naval Academy is Coastal Training School, was established in April 26, 1955 by the General Staff. The school has changed name in several times such as the Naval Training School in 1959, the Naval School of Vietnam in 1961, the Naval Officers School in 1967, School of Commander Naval engineering in 1980. Finally, the school has named Naval Academy in 1993.

After 55 years of construction, combat and growth, Vietnam Naval Academy has trained thousands of officers and technical staffs for major specialized fields such as: control vessel; mines - anti-mine; missile anti-submarine; gunship; information; radar - sonar; coastal radar; ship factory and power; the commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard and Border Defense Force.[1][2][3]

In addition, Vietnam Naval Academy has trained officers for Royal Cambodian Navy and Lao People's Navy.

History[edit | edit source]

Mission[edit | edit source]

  • Training naval officers with bachelor's degrees
  • Training postgraduate degrees for commanding officers and technical staff
  • Training Masters and PhD military science
  • Research naval military science and other duties

Staff[edit | edit source]

10.5% of the faculty staff have a doctoral degree, three Associate Professors, seven Excellent Teachers.

Achievements and Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Hero of the People's Armed Forces: Hero of the People's Armed Forces
  • Military Exploit Order: Military Exploit Order

Faculties[edit | edit source]

The academy has 13 faculties:

  • Faculty of Navigation
  • Faculty of Strategy and Campaign
  • Faculty of Command Staff
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Missile and Gunship
  • Faculty of Underwater weapons
  • Faculty of Radar and Information
  • Faculty of Engineering facilities
  • Faculty of Marine Police
  • Faculty of Communist Party Working
  • Faculty of Marxist Leninist
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Generally Military

And 02 training centers:

  • Center for practice and crew training
  • National Center for training maritime search and rescue

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Coordinates: 12°12′54″N 109°12′24″E / 12.2151°N 109.2066°E / 12.2151; 109.2066

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