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Vietnam Staff Service Medal
Awarded by Flag of South Vietnam.svg South Vietnam
Type Two-class award
Eligibility Soldiers who have served at least six months on military staff
Awarded for exemplary service while performing military duty on the staff of a major Vietnamese military command
Status No longer awarded
First awarded 1964
Last awarded 1973
Order of Wear[1]
Next (higher) Leadership Medal
Next (lower) Technical Service Medal
Vietnam Staff Service Medal Ribbon
First class medal ribbon
VSSM Class 2
Second class medal ribbon

The Staff Service Medal (Tham Mưu Bội Tinh) was a military award of South Vietnam established in 1964. The medal was awarded in two classes and was awarded for outstanding initiative and devotion an individuals assigned staff duty.


To be awarded the Staff Service Medal, a service member must have performed military duty, while serving on a military staff, of the Republic of Vietnam. Recipients must have shown, "...outstanding initiative and devotion to their assigned staff duty".[1] The Staff Service Medal was presented in two classes for such service with the first class for officers and the second class for non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. The two different grades were annotated by border coloring on the medal’s ribbon, the first class being green and the second class blue.[1]


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