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Arlington National Cemetery is a United States military cemetery located in Arlington County, Virginia near The Pentagon and directly across the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial. The cemetery has graves for thousands of casualties and deceased veterans of the nation's conflicts, beginning with the American Civil War but includes reinterred dead from earlier wars as well. It was established during the Civil War on the grounds of Arlington House, which had been the estate of the family of Confederate general Robert E. Lee's wife Mary Anna (Custis) Lee (a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington).

The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipient must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented posthumously.[1]

Recipients[edit | edit source]

Image Name Service Rank Death date Burial location Comments
Head and shoulders of a young white man wearing a dark sailor suit with an eagle patch on the upper sleeve. Caron, Wayne M.Wayne M. Caron* Navy Hospital Corpsman Third Class July 28, 1986 Section 51, grave 2600 Was killed while providing medical attention to several wounded Marines
Head and shoulders of a man with gray hair, a full gray beard, and tinted glasses in a tuxedo. A medal, hanging from a blue ribbon around his neck, sits just below his bow tie. Cavaiani, Jon R.Jon R. Cavaiani Army Staff Sergeant July 29, 2014 Section 60, site 10590 Risked his life by attacking a wave of enemy forces alone to allow the rest of his platoon to escape
Head and shoulders of a smiling white man wearing a light-colored garrison cap and buttoned-down shirt with a bar-shaped pin on each side of the collar. Cook, Donald G.Donald G. Cook* Marine Corps Captain December 8, 1967 Section MI, lot 110 For assisting fellow prisoners while a prisoner of war
75px Crescenz, Michael J.Michael J. Crescenz* Army Corporal November 20, 1986 Section 59, lot 3226 For single-handedly destroying two bunkers while under fire from a third machine gun during an ambush
Head and shoulders of a man with short hair and a round face in a dark blue military jacket. Rows of ribbon bars and a winged pin are on his left breast and a medal hangs from a light blue ribbon around his neck. Dethlefsen, Merlyn H.Merlyn H. Dethlefsen Air Force Captain December 14, 1987 Section 65, lot 1626 Flew repeated close range strikes to silence enemy defensive positions, ignoring overwhelming firepower and damage to his own aircraft
Doane, Stephen H.Stephen H. Doane* Army First Lieutenant March 25, 1969 Section 59, lot 1617 Although already wounded, he sacrificed his life to save other soldiers who were pinned down by silencing two enemy gun emplacements and diving into a third with a grenade.
A black and white image of Graham wearing his military uniform with ribbons and badges without a hat. Graham, James A.James A. Graham* Marine Corps Captain June 2, 1967 Section 13, lot 8576-F After fighting off the enemy, he sacrificed his life by allowing the rest of his company to return to friendly lines, while he remained alone with an injured soldier who could not be moved due to his wounds.
Grant, Joseph X.Joseph X. Grant* Army First Lieutenant November 13, 1966 Section 30, grave 1648-2 Killed by enemy mortar fire while attempting to rescue several injured Marines
Hagen, Loren D.Loren D. Hagen* Army First Lieutenant August 7, 1971 Section 28, grave 1204 For attempting to aid a critically wounded Special reconnaissance team member Bruce Allen Berg during a massive North Vietnamese Army assault.
A black and white image of Hooper wearing his army dress uniform with tie and no hat. He is turned slightly to the left. Hooper, Joe R.Joe R. Hooper Army Sergeant May 6, 1979 Section 46 Repeatedly risked his life to rescue wounded soldiers and attack groups of enemy soldiers, clearing multiple bunkers and houses sometimes single-handed. Refused medical treatment or evacuation until after action and his men were settled. Most decorated soldier during Vietnam War. Arguably the most decorated U.S. Army soldier in history (counting only U.S. citations).
Jennings, Delbert O.Delbert O. Jennings Army Staff Sergeant March 16, 2003 Section 7A, lot 157 Repeatedly attacked and defended his unit from enemy fire and assisted 8 wounded men who were trapped behind enemy lines
75px Joel, LawrenceLawrence Joel Army Specialist Five February 4, 1984 Section 46, lot 15-1 Provided medical treatment to fellow soldiers while under heavy fire, despite being wounded twice, during Operation Hump
Johnson, Dwight H.Dwight H. Johnson Army Specialist Five April 30, 1971 Section 31, lot 471 Repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to man several different machine-guns until the enemy had been fought back
Head and shoulders of a white man with wild white hair and a full beard wearing a dark suit with a star-shaped medal hanging from a blue ribbon around his neck. Keller, Leonard B.Leonard B. Keller Army Sergeant April 30, 1971 Section 31, lot 471 Assaulted an enemy platoon with another soldier preventing further casualties
A color image of Levitow wearing his dress military uniform with ribbons and no hat. His Medal of Honor can be seen around his neck. Levitow, John L.John L. Levitow Air Force Airman First Class November 20, 2000 Section 66, site 7107 For diving on top of a flare to eject it from an aircraft, saving the aircraft and the entire crew on board
A black and white image showing the head and torso of Novosel in his military dress uniform with ribbons. His Medal of Honor is visible around his neck. Novosel, Michael J.Michael J. Novosel Army Chief Warrant Officer April 2, 2006 For the rescue of 29 American and South Vietnamese soldiers from a heavily fortified enemy training area without any cover or gunship support.
Port, William D.William D. Port* Army Private First Class November 27, 1968 Section 7-8120-B Rescued a wounded comrade and then smothered the blast of an enemy-thrown grenade with his body to protect other soldiers. He survived the blast, but was seriously wounded and captured by the enemy dying while a prisoner of war ten months later.
Head and shoulders of a white man wearing a t-shirt and a military jacket, unbuttoned at the collar, with the word "Rabel" on his right breast and "U.S. Army" on his left. He has on a beret and is holding a rifle over his shoulder by its barrel. Rabel, LaszloLaszlo Rabel* Army Staff Sergeant November 13, 1968 Section 52, grave 1326 For falling on a grenade to save his comrades
A black and white image showing Rogers form the waist up in his military uniform with ribbons. His Medal of Honor can be seen around his neck. Rogers, Charles C.Charles C. Rogers Army Lieutenant Colonel September 21, 1990 Section 7A, lot 99 Risked his life to repel the enemy and protect his soldiers during an enemy assault on his firebase.
A black and white head shot image showing Smedley in his military dress uniform with hat. Smedley, Larry E.Larry E. Smedley* Marine Corps Corporal December 21, 1967 Section 31, lot 6486 Assaulted the enemy with grenades and rifle fire until dying from his wounds
Head of a young man with neatly combed hair wearing, over a shirt and tie, a military jacket with a braided cord over his right shoulder. Swanson, Jon E.Jon E. Swanson* Army Captain February 26, 1971 Section 60, lot 7755 Sacrificed his life by flying his aircraft dangerously slow and low to destroy enemy machine gun emplacements until his aircraft was shot down.
Head and shoulders of a middle-aged man with closely cropped hair and horn-rimmed glasses. He is wearing a dark military jacket with a parachute badge on the left breast and a Christian cross under a "U.S." pin on each lapel. Watters, Charles J.Charles J. Watters* Army Major November 19, 1967 Section 2-E Was a chaplain who sacrificed himself to rescue several wounded men
Williams, Charles Q.Charles Q. Williams Army Second Lieutenant October 15, 1982 Section 65, lot 1471 After a group of enemy insurgents attacked he organized a defense and repelled the enemy throughout the night
Young, Gerald O.Gerald O. Young Air Force Captain June 6, 1990 Section 7A, lot 87 Distinguished himself while serving as a helicopter rescue crew commander

Post Vietnam[edit | edit source]

Image Name Service Rank Death date Grave location Comments
Head and shoulders of a smiling young man in circa 2000 U.S. Army uniform with beret, before a large American flag. McGinnis, Ross A.Ross A. McGinnis Army Specialist December 4, 2006 Section 60, site 8544[2] Saved the lives of four soldiers by diving on a grenade while inside HMMWV (Humvee)[3]
Head and shoulders of smiling man in circa 2000 U.S. Army battle dress. Smith, Paul R.Paul R. Smith Army Sergeant First Class April 4, 2003 Section D, lot 67[4] Held the enemy at bay allowing for the wounded to be carried out, died in the process[5]

Other conflicts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Service Rank Conflict Death date Burial location Comments[6]
Edwin Anderson, Jr. Anderson, Jr., EdwinEdwin Anderson, Jr. Navy Captain Veracruz September 23, 1933 Section 2, grave 3798[7] Showed fearlessness and courage in battle, during the engagement of Veracruz, April 22, 1914, in command of the Second Seaman Regiment
Oscar C. Badger II Badger II, Oscar C.Oscar C. Badger II Navy Ensign Veracruz November 30, 1958 Section 2, lot 3760-WS[8] Led his men in both days' fighting at the head of his company
Randolph C. Berkeley Berkeley, Randolph C.Randolph C. Berkeley Marine Corps Major Veracruz January 31, 1960 Section 3, site 1591-5[9] ”For distinguished conduct in battle, engagements of Veracruz, 21 – 22 April 1914”; was eminent and conspicuous in command of his battalion; was in the fighting of both days, and exhibited courage and his skill in leading his men through action. His cool judgment and courage and his skill in handling his men in encountering and overcoming the machine gun and rifle fire down Cinco de Mayo and parallel streets accounts for the small percentage of the losses of Marines under his command.
Frank J. Fletcher Fletcher, Frank JackFrank Jack Fletcher Navy Lieutenant Veracruz April 25, 1973 Section 2, lot 4736-E[10] ”For distinguished conduct in battle, engagements of Veracruz, 21 – 22 April 1914”

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References[edit | edit source]

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