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Władysław Stanisław Zamoyski
Portrait of Zamoyski by Leon Kapliński
Personal details
Born (1803-03-24)March 24, 1803
Warsaw, Poland
Died January 11, 1868(1868-01-11) (aged 64)
Paris, France
Spouse(s) Jadwiga Działyńska

Count Władysław Stanisław Zamoyski (1803–1868) was a Polish nobleman, politician, and general.

Zamoyski was the owner of estates in Cewków. He served as aide-de-camp to Grand Duke Constantine, commander-in-chief of the army and de facto viceroy of Congress Poland. He took part in the November Uprising of 1830–1831. Working with Adam Jerzy Czartoryski he became one of the main activists in the Hôtel Lambert group. He emigrated to England, where he represented the interests of Czartoryski. In 1848–1849 he organized Polish units in Italy, serving with the Sardinian Army to fight against the Austrians (1848–49), and later, in 1855, he led a Polish cavalry division in the Ottoman Army during the Crimean War.

In March 1831, Zamoyski was awarded the Gold Cross of the Virtuti Militari.

He was married to Jadwiga Działyńska and had four children: Władysław Zamoyski, Witold Zamoyski, Maria Zamoyska and Maria Zamoyska.

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