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Veale Gardens

Veale Gardens

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Veale Gardens

Brigadier William Charles Douglas Veale, CBE, MC, DCM, ED, FAPI, FIMA (16 May 1895 – 17 August 1971),[1][2] was generally known, and referred to, as W. C. D. Veale. He is best known as the longtime (1947–1965) town clerk (CEO) of the Adelaide City Council[3] and had significant influence in the development and change of character of the City of Adelaide during that period. For example, in conjunction with four-time Lord Mayor of Adelaide Arthur Campbell Rymill, he was responsible for significant improvements to the Adelaide Park Lands. He was also known as a soldier and engineer.

Veale Gardens in Adelaide's South Parklands is named in his honour.

Early yearsEdit

Veale was born in Bendigo in 1895, and apprenticed to an engineer at the Whittlesea Council in Morang, Victoria.[2]

World War IEdit

On 14 February 1916, Veale enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force.[2]

Beginning on 9 October 1917, he helped to lay "jumping off" tapes while under fire, and then moved wounded members of his party to safety. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.[2]

He was promoted Lieutenant in May 1918. On the night of 28–29 August 1918, near Péronne, Somme, France, he supervised, at short notice and without alerting the enemy, the construction of two bridges needed by the infantry next morning. For this deed he was awarded the Military Cross.[2][4]


After a period working at Stoke-on-Trent and the Ministry of Transport in London, he returned to Victoria, serving as Engineer to the Shire of Kowree Council at Edenhope.[2]

On 12 February 1923 at All Saints' Church of England, Bright, he married Eileen Guest.[2]

He was appointed Assistant City Engineer & Surveyor to the City of Adelaide on 8 October 1923 at an annual salary of A£450. In 1926 he became Deputy City Engineer, City Engineer in 1929 and Town Clerk in 1947, serving with the Militia rising to Colonel.[2]

World War IIEdit


1936-07-01 – 1936-09-30 Commanding Officer 10/50th Infantry Battalion
1936-10-01 – 1940-04-02 Commanding Officer 10th Infantry Battalion
1940-07-01 – 1941-09-25 Commanding Officer 2/3rd Pioneer Infantry Battalion[7]
1941-09-26 – 1941-09-30 Commander Royal Engineers 7th Military District
1941-10-01 – 1942-02-11 Chief Engineer 7th Military District
1942-02-13 – 1942-06-30 Commanding Officer Sparrow Force (Battle of Timor)
1942-07-01 Commandant of Engineer Training Centre New South Wales
1944-03-14 – 1944-06-07 Commanding Officer Moresby Base Sub-Area
1944-06-08 – 1945-XX-XX Chief Engineer 2nd Australian Army
1945-05-18 Chief Engineer 1st Australian Army
1946-04-25 Reserve of Officers honourary brigadier


In January 1947 Veale was appointed town clerk.[2]


Veale retired in November 1965.[2]

He died on 17 August 1971 in North Adelaide and was cremated; his wife and their two daughters survived him.[2]

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