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The W. Crichton Shipyard was the former 'Oktinskaya verf' formed in 1721 or in 1725 in the Saint Petersburg suburb of Okhta. It was purchased in 1880 by the Finnish shipyard W. Crichton.[1] It was nationalized as Petrozavod in 1913 or 'Okhtinskaya verf' ' Admiralteiskogo z-da' till 10/21; munitions (shells) during WWI and till 1924; tugs from 1930; numbered in 1941; evacuated to z-dy 402, 646, and 661 9/41; munitions (mines, shells, and bombs) in wartime; restored in 1944; became part of TsNIITS in 12/68 and part of NPO 'Ritm' 27/8/69 or 1973; now OAO 'Petrozavod'

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