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Brilliant Quadrotor
Role MAV
National origin China
Manufacturer Wuhan University of Technology
Introduction 2011
Status In service
Primary user China

Brilliant (Zhuo-Yue Hao or Zhuyue Hao, 卓越号) Quadrotor UAV is a micro air vehicle (MAV) developed by a team of nine students headed by Mr. He Jiajun (何嘉俊) of School of Automation of Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT). Brilliant Quadrotor is intended for various civilian and military missions, but it not yet known if it has entered service with Chinese military or law enforcement because Chinese official sources have not released any confirmation. The MAV can either be remotely piloted or conduct autonomous flight, and GPS module is incorporated for navigation. The complete name of Brilliant Quadrotor is called Intelligent Navigation Quadrotor Micro Unmanned Air Vehicle, Zhi-Neng Dao-Hang Si-Xuan-Yi Wei-Xing Wu-Ren Fei-Xing-Qi, 智能导航四旋翼微型无人飞行器).[1]

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