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WZ-111 Heavy Tank
111 Heavy-tank Test car 20131004
a WZ-111's hall in China Tank Museum,Beijing
Type heavy tank
Place of origin Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg PRC
Weight 49 metric tons
Length 10.625m (with gun)
Width 3.3m
Height 2.497m
Crew 4(commander, loader, gunner, driver)

Armor 80-200mm
122mm tank gun
1X12.7mm machine gun
1X7.62mm machine gun
Engine 12-Cylinders diesel
520hp (390kw)
Power/weight 10.4hp/mt
Suspension Torsion bar

WZ-111 heavy tank (Script error) is a Chinese tank which was developed in the 1960s. But it was set aside in 1964 because of many technology problems. It is the unique Chinese heavy tank.


The first prototype without turret ran from 1960. Because of many technology problems,it was set aside in 1964.[1][2]


It featured a 520 hp diesel,the suspension was made up by 7 road wheels and 3 return rollers; the Inducer laid in front, with driving wheel in the rear. This type of tank use many Soviet tanks' parts. [3]


There is a WZ-111 hull now displaying in China Tank Museum, Beijing.

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