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WZ-122 Main Battle Tank
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin PRC
Production history
Number built Only several prototypes
Weight ≤37.5 Tonnes (1970 blueprint)[1]
Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Height Unknown
Crew 4

Armor Unknown
120 mm tank gun
1 × 12.7 mm AAMG 1 × 7.62 mm MG
Engine diesel
650–680 hp (in 1970s plan)
Suspension hydropneumatic suspension (WZ-122A)
torsion-bar (WZ-122B)

The WZ-122 (Script error) was a main battle tank developed by the People's Republic of China. Its development started in March 1970. After several prototypes were built, the plan was set aside in 1974.[1]


After the Zhenbao Island incident (zh:珍寶島事件) in 1969, the PRC decided on the necessity to develop new tank models. These new tanks included WZ-132, WZ-121 (Type 69) and WZ-122, which commenced development in March 1970.

The first prototype designated WZ-122A was finished on 25 September 1970. The tank's cast turret and wheels were of similar design style to Soviet tanks, but also differed to the USSR's tanks in some components such as the suspension.[1] However, this tank was too complex for practical use in China at that time. So, this tank was quickly set aside. In January 1971, another prototype was finished. This prototype used many mature parts, however many issues had been found during the test, which led to its eventual abandonment.[2]


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