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ZFB91 in Hong Kong
Type Armored personnel carrier
Place of origin People's Republic of China
Specifications ([1])
Weight 11,700 kg (25,800 lb)
Length 6.02 m (19 ft 9 in)
Width 2.55 m (8 ft 4 in)
Height 2.73 m (8 ft 11 in) (including machine gun)
Crew 2 + 10 passengers

Armor welded steel
12.7 mm heavy machine gun
Engine Water-cooled petrol engine
165 horsepower (123 kW)
Suspension Wheeled 6x6
600 km (370 mi)
Speed 85 km/h (53 mph) (road speed)
7 km/h (4.3 mph) (water speed)

The WZ 523 is a Chinese produced six wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier. It was unveiled at a military parade in Beijing in October 1984, gaining the US Army designation M1984,[1] although it did not enter large scale service with the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA).[2] An internal security vehicle based on the WZ 523, the ZFB 91, which has a turret armed with a 35 mm grenade launcher and a 7.62 mm machine gun replacing the roof mounted 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun of the WZ 523, is in service with PLA units in Hong Kong and Macau.[2]


WZ 523 
Armored Personnel Carrier armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.
ZFB 91 
Internal Security Vehicle based on the WZ 523.


  • Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China: ZFB91 variant.
  • Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana[3]
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Export model incorporating the BMP-1 turret; fitted with 73mm main gun.[4]

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