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The WZ752 armoured medical evacuation vehicle was developed in the early 1990s as a successor to the WZ751. It was designed to treat and evacuate combat casualties from armoured units while providing emergency care until the patients reach the frontline hospital. The vehicle was based on the hull of the ZSD89 (Type 89) armoured personnel carrier (APC), featuring an enlarged passenger compartment with a higher ceiling to allow medical staffs to stand in the compartment without difficulties.

The vehicle has a two-man crew (driver and commander), and can accommodate two medical staffs plus four stretchers, or eight

WZ752 Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle of PLA

ambulatory patients. The vehicle also carries on-board oxygen production unit as well as other patient support equipment for en-route treatments. The crew and passengers are protected by an over pressure collective NBC-protection system. Special noise reduction design was applied to increase the comfort for the passengers.

The vehicle is clearly marked with the Red Cross emblem. Unlike the previous Chinese-made armoured medical evacuation vehicles, the WZ752 is unarmed to comply with the Geneva Conventions.

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