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Wada Koremasa (和田 惟政?, 1536 – 1571) was a retainer beneath the clan of Oda throughout the latter Sengoku Period of Feudal Japan. Koremasa was the son of Wada Koresuke and directly supported the Ashikaga Shogunate by the time at which he was of eligible age, becoming a primary supporter to Ashikaga Yoshiaki following the murder of Yoshiteru in 1565. As Yoshiaki came under the influence of Oda Nobunaga by the year of 1567, Koremasa continued to support his respective lord and proved himself as a figure of mutual respect to the Oda during the year of 1569, where he secured an audience between Oda Nobunaga and Jesuit Missioner Luis Frois. Following this initial event, Koremasa supported in affairs directly linked to the Takayama clan and at length became a valued retainer to the Oda, which can be justified by his collaboration with Araki Murashige in the defense of such a clan's domain in 1571. However, Koremasa would become overwhelmed by the strength of the attackers, which subsequently resulted in his death.[1]


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