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War Merit Cross
Drie kruisen voor Oorlogsverdienste Lippe 1914.jpg
Awarded by Principality of Lippe
Awarded for Wartime combat and non-combat merit
Campaign World War I
Status No longer awarded
Established 8 December 1914
Last awarded 1918
Total awarded aprox. 18,000 combatant
approx. 1,100 non-combatant

The War Merit Cross (German language: Kriegsverdienstkreuz) was a military decoration of the Principality of Lippe. Established on 8 December 1914, by Leopold IV, Prince of Lippe, it could be awarded to combatants and to non-combatants for significant contributions to the war effort. The cross was awarded approximately 18,000 times to combatants and 1,100 times to non-combatants.[1][2]


The War Merit Cross is a gilded bronze cross pattée. On the obverse of the cross in the center is the Rose of Lippe surrounded by a laurel wreath. In the upper arm of the cross, at the top of the wreath is the crowned cipher of Leopold IV. The lower arm bears the date 1914. On the reverse are the words FÜR, AUSZEICHNUNG IM, KRIEGE (for distinction in wartime) inscribed in three lines respectively, on the upper, horizontal, and lower arms of the cross.[1]

Awards to combatants have a yellow ribbon with red and white edges.[1] Non-combat awards of the Cross hang from a white ribbon with edges of yellow and red.[2]

Notable recipients[]


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