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West Point Cemetery
West Point Cemetery.JPG
West Point Cemetery, Winter 2009
Year established 1817[1]
Location United States Military Academy
Country United States
Coordinates 41°23′49.94″N 73°58′0.19″W / 41.3972056°N 73.9667194°W / 41.3972056; -73.9667194Coordinates: 41°23′49.94″N 73°58′0.19″W / 41.3972056°N 73.9667194°W / 41.3972056; -73.9667194
Type Military
Owned by United States Military Academy

West Point Cemetery is a historic cemetery on the grounds of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. It overlooks the Hudson River, and served as a burial ground for American Revolutionary War soldiers and early West Point inhabitants long before 1817 when it was officially designated as a military cemetery. Prior to 1817, the area was known as "German Flats" before it was formally designated as the official cemetery.[2] Until that time several small burial plots scattered in mid-post also served as places of interment. The graves from these plots and the remains subsequently found during building excavations were removed to the new site. An improved road to the cemetery was constructed in 1840, and the caretaker's cottage was erected in 1872.[1] Besides offices for the cemetery management, the caretaker's cottage now also houses West Point's Inspector General office.[3] The cemetery is home to several monuments, to include Dade Monument, the Cadet Monument, Wood's Monument, and Margaret Corbin Monument.

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