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Witwatersrand Command
The Drill Hall,[1] Johannesburg, South Africa
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Type Command (military formation)
Coordinates Latitude:

The Witwatersrand Command was a Command of the South African Army. It was one of the ten regional commands, which, with the Walvis Bay Military Area, made up the Territorial Force. Based in Johannesburg, it was responsible for the security of the region, forming the primary level of command for military operations in support of the Police. It also provided logistic, administrative and service support to units and formations operating in its area of responsibility.[2][3]

When 6th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment SAA became operational in 1966 with its headquarters at Brakpan, it was originally administratively responsible to Headquarters Witwatersrand Command, but was later transferred to 1 South African Corps.

In 1987, the command headquarters installation was the target of a bomb by Umkhonto we Sizwe operative, Hein Grosskopf.[4]

Commanding OfficersEdit

Officers commanding were:


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