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Type Automatic Grenade Launcher
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by US Army/USMC, USAF
Wars Vietnam War
Production history
Designed 1968
Manufacturer Aerojet Ordnance Manufacturing Company
Weight 7.25kg
Length 712mm

Cartridge 40x46mm
Action Recoil
Rate of fire 350RPM
Feed system 12 Round Drum Magazine
Sights Iron

The XM174 is a mounted automatic 40mm grenade launcher heavily based on the M1919A4 machine gun and the M79 grenade launcher but fed from an ammo can. It was used in the Vietnam War as a tripod mounted crew-served weapon and as a weapon mounted on various vehicles and aircraft.

The ammunition canister held 12 40mm rounds, and the automatic launcher's rate of fire permitted all 12 rounds to be in the air before the first round landed. The launcher was also capable of semi-automatic fire (one round per pull of the trigger).

U.S. Air Force Security Police personnel in Vietnam were also issued the XM174 automatic grenade launcher which was often used on perimeter defense posts and heavy weapons vehicles.

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