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XXIV Corps
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Shoulder sleeve insignia of XXIV Corps
Active 1944–49
Country United States
Branch  United States Army
Motto(s) Honed in Combat
Engagements World War II
* Battle of Okinawa
Vietnam War
John R. Hodge
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U.S. Corps (1939 - Present)
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XXIV Corps (24th Corps) was a U.S. Army Corps-level command during World War II and the Vietnam War.


World War II[]

XXIV Corps was activated at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, on 8 April 1944. It participated in the invasion of Leyte in the Philippine Islands on 20 October 1944, with the 7th Infantry Division and 96th Infantry Division its major combat units. During the campaign on Leyte, the 77th Infantry Division came under control of XXIV Corps.

From 1 April to 30 June 1945, XXIV Corps and its divisions participated in the invasion of Okinawa. In September 1945, after the surrender of Japan, XXIV Corps moved to Korea, where it remained on occupation duty until its inactivation on 25 January 1949.


XXIV Corps was re-activated on 15 August 1968, at Fort Hood, Texas, to replace the "Provisional Corps Vietnam," a temporary headquarters (known as MACV Forward Command Post or MACV Forward between 25 January and 10 March) created 10 March 1968 during the Tet Offensive.[1] Upon its arrival in Vietnam, XXIV Corps was placed under the operational control of the III Marine Expeditionary Force to control the activities of U.S. Army ground combat units deployed in northern South Vietnam and had its headquarters at Phu Bai until 9 March 1970, when it relocated to Da Nang. At that time it assumed control of all U.S. ground forces in I CTZ, with all remaining Marine units coming under its operational control until their withdrawal. During its service in Vietnam XXIV Corps was a component command of Headquarters, US Army Vietnam (USARV).

Area of responsibility and units assigned[]

XXIV Corps area of responsibility was I Corps Tactical Zone ("Eye Corps"), later renamed Military Region 1, which comprised the five northernmost provinces of the South Vietnam. At various times it controlled the following units:


XXIV Corps was inactivated on 30 June 1972 in the final stages the withdrawal of U.S. ground combat forces from Vietnam, and its assets formed the basis for its successor, the First Regional Assistance Command (FRAC).


Chiefs of Staff[]

  • Brigadier General Crump Garvin (1944 - 1946)

Artillery commanders[]

  • Brigadier General Arthur M. Harper (1944 - 1944)
  • Brigadier General Josef R. Sheetz (1944 - 1945)

Chief Engineer[]


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