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Yang Baibing (simplified Chinese: 杨白冰; traditional Chinese: 楊白冰; pinyin: Yáng Báibīng; September 1920 – January 15, 2013) was a general in the People's Liberation Army.[1]


Yang was born as Yang Shangzheng (simplified Chinese: 杨尚正; traditional Chinese: 楊尚正; pinyin: Yáng Shàngzhèng) in Tongnan, Chongqing in 1920. He joined the Communist Party of China in March 1938. In 1960, he became the vice director of the political department in Chengdu Military Region. He was persecuted in Cultural Revolution, and was imprisoned illegally for a long time. In 1978, he became the vice director of political department in Beijing Military Region. He was promoted to vice political commissar of Beijing Military Region in 1982, and political commissar there in 1985. He was appointed as the director of the General Political Department of PLA in 1987. He was made general in 1988.

He was the secretary-general in Central Military Commission of CPC, and secretary of central secretariat of CPC. He was a politburo member in the 14th CPC Central Committee.

He was a half brother of Yang Shangkun.[citation needed]

Yang died in Beijing on January 15, 2013.[2]


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