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Yangtze Service Medal
Yangtze Service Medal
Awarded by Department of the Navy
Type Medal
Eligibility Members of the US Navy and Marine Corps
Awarded for Service on shore at Shanghai or in the valley of the Yangtze River between the dates of 3 September 1926 to 21 October 1927 and 1 March 1930 to 31 December 1932.[1]
Status Obsolete
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The Yangtze Service Medal is a decoration of the United States military which was created in 1930 for presentation to members of the U.S. Navy and United States Marine Corps. The Yangtze Service Medal is awarded for service in the Yangtze River Valley between the dates of September 3, 1926 and December 31, 1932.

The decoration may also be awarded for those military service members who served on permanent duty in Shanghai, China, provided such service was in direct support of landing operations in the Yangtze River Valley (e.g. Nanjing incident). The Yangtze Service Medal was declared obsolete in 1940 when it was replaced by the China Service Medal.

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