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Yarmouk Brigade
Liwa’ al-Yarmouk
Participant in the Syrian civil war
Active 2012[1] - present
Ideology Islamic democracy
Leaders General Bashar al-Zoubi[2]
Headquarters Sahem, Syria[1]
Area of
Daraa Governorate
Quneitra Governorate[2]
Strength 4,000+[2]
Part of Free Syrian Army
Southern Front[2]
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
National Defense Force
Battles/wars Syrian Civil War

The Yarmouk Brigade (transliterated Arabic: Liwa’ al-Yarmouk), is a prominent Free Syrian Army rebel group operating in the Quneitra and Daraa governorates. It is named after the Yarmouk river which flows through the area. The group recognizes the SMC, has received support from Saudi Arabia and is one of the few units that received TOW missiles.[2] The group is responsible for the abduction of 21 UN soldiers in early March 2013.[1] The soldiers were released on 10 March 2013.[3] It joined the Southern Front on 14 February 2014.[4]

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