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ZB vz.60
Type Heavy machine gun
Place of origin Czechoslovakia
Service history
In service 1935?–45
Used by  Czechoslovakia
 Nazi Germany
Wars World War II
Production history
Designer Zbrojovka Brno
Manufacturer Zbrojovka Brno
Weight 55 kg (121 lb) (gun only)
Length 2,050 mm (6 ft 9 in)
Barrel length 1,400 mm (4 ft 7 in)

Cartridge 15×104mm Brno
Caliber 15 mm (0.59 in)
Rate of fire 420 rpm
Muzzle velocity 860–930 m/s (2,800–3,100 ft/s)
Feed system 40-round belts

The ZB vz.60 was a heavy machine gun designed by Zbrojovka Brno in Czechoslovakia during the 1930s. Weapons acquired after the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 were taken into Wehrmacht service as the 15 mm FlaMG 39(t); Former Yugoslav guns were designated as the 15 mm FlaMG 490(j). The Germans used them as light anti-aircraft guns during World War II. The British developed their 15 mm Besa Mk I from the ZB vz.60 for service on armored fighting vehicles.


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