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Nazi concentration camps in occupied Poland (marked with black squares)

Zwangsarbeitslager Zaslaw was the German concentration camp for Jews established in occupied Poland near the village of Zasław, (now part of Zagórz in Poland).

Zaslaw was a work camp where Jews from Sanok were deported.[1] On January 15, 1943, the prisoners of Zaslaw were transported to the Belzec extermination camp, where they were killed.

A small memorial to these Jews was put up in Zasław by the employees of the bus company in Sanok. The Jewish memorial sits almost directly opposite from the Roman Catholic cemetery in Zasław.


  1. "In August 1939, 5,400 Jews lived in Sanok. Similarly as in other parts of Poland, also in Sanok the Jews were persecuted, had their property confiscated, were forced to work and systematically murdered. The murders took place at „Glinki” cemetery in Sanok. Many Sanok Jews died of emaciation while working for Kirchhof company, which was wound up in 1942, with the employees transferred to Zasław camp. A tailoring, shoemaking and fur-making workshop were set up in the camp. Many Jews also worked building or repairing roads. By the end of 1943 the camp was liquidated. A thousand Jews were murdered in Zasław, with 5,000 more taken to Bełżec camp. The murdering of the Jews in Sanok took place at locations situated on the outskirts of the town, in the woods, so the victims could immediately be buried. The annihilation of Sanok Jews took place gradually rather than through a single act. Mass Killings of Jews in the Polish Town of Sanok during the World War II. Publication: Jewish History Quarterly (04/2005) Author: Małgorzata Stawiarska

Coordinates: 49°31′11″N 22°16′38″E / 49.519825°N 22.277184°E / 49.519825; 22.277184

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